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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hard Rocker, Tom Martini officially announces his endorsement of Sonic Fusion Pedals

Hard rock guitarist Tom Martini of Distorted Voices is proud to announce his endorsement with Philadelphia based Sonic Fusion Pedals. Tom will be working very closely with Sonic Fusion Pedals in the promotion and marketing of the new pedals, which are scheduled to hit stores very soon. Tom will also be filming promotional videos for Sonic Fusion Pedals in the next couple of weeks in the Philadelphia area, along with Sonic Fusion Pedal clinics, TBA

About Sonic Fusion Pedals:

Sonic Fusion is a guitar effects pedal builder based in Philadelphia, PA. Back in the 80's I was an Electrical Engineering student at Villanova University and have been working with electronic circuits for almost 30 years now and have been a guitar player for almost as long. In 1989 I built my first Distortion+ clone for a Sophmore college project. I have been building pedals ever since for myself and friends. Everyone was so happy with my pedals I recently decided to offer boutique quality pedals to anybody that would be interested. I am a small one man operation and will strive to always remain so. Remaining small means being able to listen to each and every customer, being open for enhancements, new ideas, and ready to implement these ideas into my products. That is the kind of service you cannot expect from any major instruments manufacturer. And that is the main reason why I believe there is room for such a small but dedicated company as an alternative to the the mass produced monster companies churning out their pedals in shops overseas. Each pedal is my labor of love for a quality of tone and hand built by me to my exacting standards.

What about support...
I stand behind every pedal I build with a full 5 year warranty where I will repair or replace any pedals which have been deemed by me defective in either parts or workmanship. My goal is to never have a pedal returned for either of these reasons, but it is not a perfect world and sometimes things do go wrong.

What about quality...
Each pedal is built upon a solid foundation being...an FR4 dual clad US military spec manufactured PCB. Each layout is designed by me using all the knowledge, education and practical wizdom gained over several decades. Anybody can lay a circuit out, but careful thought of component placement and lead dress are critical for a quiet and quality pedal build. Ground planes are equally important for shielding, all my PCB's conatin a ground plane. I don't just plug and play components until something sounds good. I apply the theories and mathmatical equations required to calculate proper shelving frequencies and properly overlapping tone shaping curves for a gapless signal. Each pedal design also goes through extensive spectrum analysis and oscilloscope monitoring for proper calibration and validation of expected results. I source only the highest quality parts from US vendors. I hand assemble each pedal and rigerously test each finished product. I also drop test...yes...I drop test each pedal design for the equivelent of falling off a 6 foot stage onto a concrete floor several times. And that is the reason I can back each pedal with a 5 year waranty.

About Tom Martini:

Tom Martini created a self titled solo musical project called “Distorted Voices” in 2007 that has morphed into a serious musical venture and model beyond anyone’s idea of what an indie artist could accomplish on their own. Tom’s becoming a sought after performer, instructor, and artist endorser. He has two sides of his project, the “instrumental side and the rock band side” and has succeeded at both. This is not your average artist or rock band but instead Tom has solidified himself in different aspects of the music industry from clinic endorser to recording artist and has been fortunate to be involved in so many opportunities such as artist endorser for major musical companies: Morley, Dunlop, Zoom, Samson, Dark Horse Strings, Sonic Fusion Pedals, Lava Cables, Hartke-guitar amps, Gear Hugger, and Ebtech. He also has been recognized and included in Jan 2007 & Aug 2011 Guitar Player Magazine, Fast Lane Biker NY, Pa Music Scene Magazine and the Valley Beat Magazine as well as Pa based newspapers. Tom has a very solid following in many countries and always finds time to contribute to social networks whether it's offering music advice or product advice for the equipment he endorses.

Tom gives back:
Tom has licensed music for good causes as well as MTV in 2004 for the show “Made”. Tom's licensed music in Germany to NFL Europa and ESPN for broadcast during the 2007 season and Superbowl, (Good thing Tom is a NY Giants fan!) and helps the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project by licensing his music to raise money for military soldiers returning from war to start their civilian lives or for medical care not covered by the military. Tom's heart and soul is about music so contributing to Music in School project, OMG Global helps school students keep their music programs in school due to government cuts. Tom's latest cause is Genuine Caring to help raise money for pediatric cancer in the Lehigh Valley, Pa areas. His songs “Reason To Live and Falling” are offered for sale and 80% of the proceeds go to helping families of children affected by cancer and other pediatric illness. Tom is proud to have had his song "Falling" used by WMMR 93.3fm in Philadelphia for a video called “Campout for Hunger 09” to raise donations of money and food for the homeless.

Media and Press:
Tom's music has been played on many internet and traditional radio stations. WZZO 95.1fm, Allentown, Pa. has played "Falling" on the Backyard Bands show and Tom has been interviewed on WNTI 91.9fm-Vinyl Tap with Laura, WSBG-Gary in the Morning Show, Gary in the Morning Internet broadcast, and PIBCO. His most recent event included informational and hands on clinics performing at GuitarCon 2010 in NJ, Mass and Florida. Radio rotation provided by The Matt Metal Show 90.3fm WXLV, Allentown, and NEGB1.com, of Boston. Tom’s instrumental songs: “NO RULES” and “OPEN AIR” recently was voted the #1 spot on the weekly Top 20 countdown. Tom’s latest venture is his own line of signature strings named "Tom Martini's Signature Series Strings" by Dark Horse Strings as well as product development with Dark Horse Strings and Sonic Fusion Pedals.

Tom is an artist with very positive values, artistic ideas and always willing to go that extra mile for his supporters. He continues to forge forward and attract fans, industry and followers from all around the world. Tom keeps his "Keep It Real" attitude and offers a different perspective to the music industry that is gaining the most important thing, RESPECT!

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