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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Recording Artist Hunter Monroe announces the addition of Guitarist Kyle Stafirny

PRLog (Press Release) - Jul 19, 2012 - 
Kyle Stafirny - US Born, Guitarist (23)
An emerging Rock/Blues/Funk guitarist

One of the most charismatic, energetic guitarists you'll see, he has now joined forces with the incomparable Hunter Monroe. Since he picked up his very first Stratocaster at age 13, Kyle knew this would become his life’s passion.
After years of dedication in dark basements and with blood on his fingers, he became the great guitarist that is known today…

Kyle Stafirny

Kyle has been playing underground clubs, concerts and parties, and now is ready to blaze a trail of new sounds with Hunter Monroe. A complete "Natural" on the instrument, he channels iconic guitar legends only to have it come out sounding all his own. 
Intense, in your face rock licks combined with the soulful touch of a blues guitarist, he goes after songs fueled by his influences. 

Influences include: Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles all 
the way to James Brown and Crosby Stills & Nash. He dug deep into the 
Blues and studied everyone from Robert Johnson, to Howling Wolf to Muddy Waters.

Kyle states...

"From the moment I saw Hendrix burn that guitar at Monterey Pop... I knew that was it for me."

“I needed to see where it all came from to understand that path to becoming the guitarist
I wanted to be. There won't be anything left of my Strat when I'm done."

About: Hunter Monroe

Hunter Monroe’s honey and whiskey sound and her crisp vocals, at a time when female singers have been arriving in waves, she is a rarity; an authentic artist who brings an irresistible blend of musicality and lyrical insight to everything she touches. Gifted with a strong, rich and soulful voice, she can move the soul of an audience with her emotional energy and angelic-like presence. Stunning audiences with her confident stage presence, her vocal prowess matches her charisma as a performer, inspiring comparisons to blues mamas and rock-n-roll queens. Hunter Monroe steps into the blues tinged limelight with seasoned moxy, and it works really well for her. Hunter has an outsize presence, big pipes and unerring timing, that onstage, turn her into a 10-foot force of nature, and she’s more than ready to be discovered.

As a Native of Harlem NY, from an early age, singing felt as natural as breathing to Hunter. She got her start in a musical family, singing solo in her parent’s church and went on to pursue music whole-heartedly. Hunter moved to Northeast PA at the age of 18, where she built a strong local following that has blossomed into a nationwide presence. Noted for her aggressive rock edged approach, as a child Hunter soaked up music from many cultures from gospel to the blues to rock, recently listing some of her favorite bands as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. Her high-heeled blues-fueled performance has won her a major following. She lays her heart on the line with more than a touch of soul and soul music. Hunter is no slouch when it comes to doing her old school homework, she sets the stage with catchy sing along choruses, big bluesy guitars, dig down deep bass and drums that beg for attention. Her raw vocal approach rivals anything anybody caterwauled in the 70’s. In addition to her vocal prowess, she is also a talented songwriter, her innovative sense of phrasing, rhythm and harmony, mixing Blues with R&B, Pop, Jazz and Rock, quickly winning respect from her peers.

The two-time American idol finalist recently launched her solo career under Soundmine Music Works, working with Dan Malsch, Hunter feels her experience has seasoned her as a strong vocalist and performer and is excited about her amazing future for the coming years. It you’re a rock-n-roll fan looking for a little bit of soul, give Hunter Monroe a shot, along with her multi-talented band, they produce what they do quite well in a live setting. Hunter loves to perform in front of a live audience; her goal of making music motivates her to continue bringing music and soul to the world. If you haven’t yet caught her engaging and disarming live show, take a chance on Hunter Monroe and you’ll become a lifelong fan. See Hunter in action once and you won’t forget her.

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